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Georgia Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone search or phone number lookup is a way of getting the name of someone and possibly, their personal details from a phone number. There are online phone number lookup services that can retrieve registration information when provided with phone numbers. Understanding how these lookup services work and how you can use them to your advantage is needed to identify malicious callers.

What are Georgia Phone Numbers?

Phone numbers in Georgia are connected to landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP services. While landline numbers usually display as 6 - 7 digits, mobile numbers appear as ten digits. Residents of the state are more likely to call their family and friends with their mobile phones than landlines. This means that consumer preferences for landlines have substantially declined over the years. According to the National Health Interview Survey published by the CDC in 2018, about 59% of Georgia homes are wireless-only homes. While 12.5% of households use both landlines and wireless services, less than 4% of homes use landlines exclusively. Based on user choices, there are four major phone carriers in Georgia as of 2020. They include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. These carriers have varying coverages in Georgia as listed below:

  • Verizon Wireless with 70%
  • AT&T with 68%
  • T-Mobile with 62%
  • Sprint with 30%

People and businesses in Georgia are increasingly opting for the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication services. VoIP is different from other available phone services in that it converts voice into data that is transmitted over the internet. Due to its flexibility, low costs, and portability, more people are subscribing to get VoIP numbers. In 2018, VoIP users in the U.S alone were over 118 million. Today, this figure is expected to be higher.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it Is?

Yes, it is possible to look up unknown and suspicious phone numbers through reverse phone lookup services. These services allow interested persons to perform phone number searches by name, address, and other identifying details. When provided with phone numbers, they search their databases for names and locations matching these numbers. Available information can also include photos, social media accounts, aliases, and criminal records. However, scammers that use fake numbers and burner phones to place spam calls are harder to trace and identify.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number?

Many reverse phone search companies do not offer free services. However, they maintain extensive databases that include most phone users in the country.  In addition to names and locations, the information provided by these phone number lookup companies may include secondary and tertiary information such as photographs, social media names, and criminal records. Free phone lookup services usually provide access to smaller user databases and only provide basic information about the subjects of searches conducted using them.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services, also known as reverse phone search providers, are online phone number search engines that can retrieve and provide information associated with submitted phone numbers. Unlike phone books for regular landline numbers, these services access information from databases that are always up to date.  

Modern phones have Caller ID, a feature that shows that number and/or name of a caller ringing a phone. However, Caller ID is not infallible even though most people believe Caller ID will help mitigate unwanted or fraudulent calls. Phone scammers can spoof their numbers and use VoIP numbers to fool Caller IDs to display area codes of their choice. They do these to earn the trust of their potential victims and present credible fronts. Through phone scams perpetrated using such tricks, Georgia residents lose millions of dollars annually to scammers and fraudulent businesses. Understanding new tricks and technologies used by scammers is essential to recognizing and avoiding malicious callers.

While state laws do not make a determination about the legality of using and providing phone number lookup searches, this tool is still legal in Georgia. No state agency oversees the operations of reverse phone lookup services in Georgia but the state still expects them to abide by its laws and conduct their business in good faith. Therefore, phone lookup services are legal in Georgia as long as they are not used to defraud or harm phone users in the state.

Georgia also requires that reverse phone lookup services not contravene state and federal privacy laws. This means that they must not snoop on residents nor obtain confidential information without consent. Legitimate phone number lookup services respect the privacy of the phone users they identify. They only provide information available to the public. Their sources include freely available public records or those requiring nominal fees to access and obtain. They help their users save valuable time by aggregating pieces of information on the unknown callers they wish to identify.

Most reverse phone lookup services catering to Georgia residents can find the following details about the individuals registered to phone numbers submitted for search:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Age

A typical reverse phone lookup free service will provide these details. Users looking for more detailed results should consider signing up for paid services that offer premium features for a nominal fee. These take closer looks at the identities of unknown callers and can show if maiden names, aliases, home and work addresses, and photos. Paid reverse phone lookup searches gather information from subjects’ public posts as well as public records available from city, county, state, and federal courts, law enforcement agencies, and governments.  

Paid phone lookup services can also access sex offender registries, watchlists of consumer protection agencies, and public forums discussing complaints against fraudulent organizations. These details are helpful when determining whether an unknown caller is a phone scammer. They are also useful for investigating phone stalkers and spam callers.

What is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual phone number assigned to a user to communicate on internet-enabled devices. A VoIP number is not linked to a particular phone line. VoIP services have transformed telephony and how individuals and businesses communicate. They are cheaper, more flexible, and more efficient than conventional telephony services. With a stable internet connection, a Voice over IP subscriber can make voice calls, video calls, conference calls, unlimited nationwide phone calls, and send text messages.

VoIP services allow users to choose phone numbers with area codes that are different from their actual locations. It is also possible for a subscriber to own several of such numbers with different area codes or even different country codes and use them on a single phone. Unfortunately, the convenience of VoIP services also make them attractive to phone scammers. Unlike landline and mobile phone numbers, VoIP numbers are not easily traceable as they are not associated with any particular device or location. Performing phone number lookups on these numbers usually yield little or no results.

VoIP-based scams are difficult to track and Georgians are advised to apply caution when answering unexpected calls from both familiar and unfamiliar area codes. Citizens can avoid these scams by learning about security tips and practices recommended by the FTC and the Georgia Consumer Protection Department.

What is a Georgia Phone Number Area Code?

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) was introduced in 1947 in an attempt to create a uniform phone numbering system and establish geographical identity. Georgia area codes are the first three digits of 10-digit phone numbers denoting different regions of the state. These codes are controlled at the federal level by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC authorizes the Georgia Public Service Commission to conserve area codes and introduce new area codes to regions with depleted prefix codes.

What is a Georgia Phone Number Prefix Code?

Prefix codes are represented by the middle three digits of a 10-digit phone number. Prefix codes are also known as central office codes or exchange codes that represent specific towns and localities within the state. Using (404) 123-4567 as an example;

  • 404 is the area code
  • 123 is the prefix code
  • 4567 is the line number

+1 precedes every Georgia phone number that includes a country code. Using +1 (404) 123-4567 as an example:

  • +1 is the United States country code
  • 404 represents the area code
  • 123 is the prefix code
  • 4567 is the line number specific to each phone line